Nordic Challenge for Gagne and Roy Inc.


Our expertise takes us a long way! Gagné et Roy Inc. is proud to announce its participation in the construction of Iqaluit International Airport in Nunavut. Construction will take place over three years, from 2014 to 2016. Most of the roofing work will take place in summer 2015 and will finish in 2016. This major project allows Gagné et Roy Inc. to work outside Quebec for the first time, in very different conditions as well. The logistics of the project including transportation management, materials warehousing and working conditions will be different than usual because of the remoteness of the region and its climate. This creates a great challenge for the whole team at Gagné et Roy Inc. and we are pleased to expand our horizons and be able to demonstrate our expertise in new markets.

Gagné Et Roy Inc

Gagné et Roy Inc.: A Leader for 40 Years


We are pleased to have offered roof construction and repair services since 1974! The year 2014 thus marks the 40th anniversary of our company. To emphasize this pivotal moment, we invite you to read the special issue of La Tribune published last April which presents our company from many angles. You will find testimonials by of our current employees and some retirees, plus an overview of our various sectors and some of our achievements. See how our business has grown over the years, now working outside of Sherbrooke in cities like Montreal, Granby and Trois-Rivières. Since Gagné et Roy Inc. started out, and as it goes forward, our mission remains the same: to always offer you more!

A Nice Gesture for the Community


The team at Gagné et Roy Inc. redid the roof on one of the Résidences Monchénou buildings for free. This is an organization founded in 1985 aiming to provide people living with intellectual and/or physical disabilities the opportunity to grow and thrive in a familial, personalized living environment tailored to their needs.

A touching story that begins with a simple request for a roofing estimate for the first Résidences Monchénou building.

When Gagné et Roy Inc. received the request for an estimate, an employee of the company, who already knew the organization and its precarious financial situation, decided to share this information with the Vice President, Mr. Dany Pariseau. The latter then heard a report explaining the mission of Résidences Monchénou. Moved by what he had just learned, Mr. Pariseau did not hesitate to offer the services of Gagné et Roy Inc. to this organization in need.

In collaboration with Soprema and Iko, raw material suppliers, Gagné et Roy Inc. performed $10,000 worth of work for free. In recognition, Résidences Monchénou offered the company a video showing the stages of the work as it progressed.

Throughout the process, Mr. Pariseau discussed the growing needs of Résidences Monchénou with the Director General, Mr. David Caron, at length. These discussions raised the awareness of Mr. Pariseau about the constant battle of Résidences Monchénou to raise money and find new partners. Mr Pariseau therefore decided to become a member of the Board to provide assistance to the organization.

As Gagné et Roy Inc. is very involved in the community, this is not the first time they have done something like this. The company is sensitive to organizations that help the community and that's why Gagné et Roy Inc. takes every opportunity to express gratitude with small gestures of generosity that become great manifestations of altruism for beneficiaries.

A White Roof for Hydro-Québec


It is with great pleasure that Gagné et Roy Inc. will go to the island of Montreal do the roofing work. In order to meet the needs associated with growing demand for electricity and the sustainability of its facilities, Hydro-Québec will build a new, more powerful station.

This major project includes three new buildings on the current site with minor impact on people and the environment. Indeed, Gagné et Roy Inc. have the expertise and know-how to build a white roof to fight against heat islands, which is a recurrent problem in this sector. A white roof is in fact a green, sustainable and economical choice.

For the next year, Gagné et Roy Inc. will be pleased to collaborate on the construction of the Bélanger station roof, located between Jean Talon and Bélanger. Once commissioned, it will be able to meet the long-term electricity needs of the area it serves. The cost of reconstruction of the station and the power change is estimated at $183.9 million.

Stinson: Major Pioneering Project


Gagné et Roy Inc. collaborated on this project, located on Stinson Street in the borough of Saint-Laurent, a unique construction. Indeed, it stands out not only for its urban integration, but also for its reduced environmental footprint. Fully closed, the new building is covered by a 35,000 m2 roof, the equivalent of seven football fields.

The designers thought of everything to enhance the view of residents living in nearby high-rises by placing a series of strips of greenery and huge skylights shaped like trusses about 30 m long on the enormous roof. The architects have also taken care to conceal all the mechanical equipment in the main programmatic bar (combining relaxation areas, cafeteria, offices and mechanical systems), with a yellow painted roof that creates a metaphorical link between the entrance to the centre and the wooded area behind the building.

Gagné et Roy Inc. completed this project in the fall of 2013. The MUCTC aims to obtain LEED GOLD certification for this building, which would make it the first transportation centre with such certification in Canada. A profitable enterprise for the company.

New Acquisition


The Tadano crane is accurate and allows smooth operations during urban jobs. It measures 20 feet and its lift capacity is 20 tons.

This crane is practical and effective and is installed on a Kenworth 2012 truck, which now makes it possible to save a great deal of time. Indeed, this crane model combines the strength of a tractor and a crane boom. This way, the driver can get on site carrying a 20-foot trailer with all the necessary materials along with the crane. The workers have the crane and building materials nearby. Gagné et Roy Inc. is proud to enhance its services and open up new possibilities to better serve its customers.

Moreover, it is possible to transport a dumpster as well and bring all the debris in one trip. With this purchase, Gagné et Roy Inc. now has four boom trucks, providing greater autonomy.

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